3 thoughts on “The U.S. Open is Over. Did Queens Benefit?

  1. The officials are responsible for letting us down don’t forget Julissa ferreras allowing the new Usys stadium and managing the city budgets turning blind eye. Her former aide Cruz is curiously now in office in the area and Jose peralta who hasn’t done anything to help this. The cards we are dealt

  2. I’ve lived within walking distance of the Open for my entire life, and this was my 33rd consecutive year attending it. If one wants to attend, one can – the ticket prices are lower than most concerts and Broadway plays. Furthermore, the eliminations the week before the tournament are free, as is the second Thursday of the main tournament itself. The tournament brings people to Queens who might never have thought of going. A small number of local restaurants are represented at the food court, and, as was noted in the article, hotels throughout the borough see sharp spikes in occupancy. In addition, this first class facility is a Parks Department site for most of the year, offering special programs as well as paid court time. My father, for example, went to the Senior program for years.

    Disruption of a small number of bike paths (within a park with tons of others) and a two-week museum closure are small prices to pay for having an internationally prominent event in our borough.

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