6 thoughts on “Coming to Grips With the Two-Decade Deluge of LLC Money into New York’s Democracy

  1. For years I have wondered why there was so much fuss over campaign contributions from the real estate industry. I was aware that developers frequently requested zoning variations, etc. I was aware that they gave separate names to each project. It never occurred to me that they might be funneling contributions from the parent company through the offspring companies in order to evade contribution limits. Now that I understand, I am as horrified as everyone else. Thank you for your excellent explanation.

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  3. This is a great article. The powerful with their many lawyers will always find a way around the regulations, and it is illustrated so brilliantly here. If you want a change, Larry Sharpe, the guy listed in the last chart as having taken 0$ from LLCs, has a nice reform idea — allow LLC contributions but make them completely transparent so that the candidates have to wear them like NASCAR advertisements. Have simple rules and transparency so everyone know who’s taking what.

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