4 thoughts on “Gowanus is a Test of Whether NYC’s Best Attempt at Inclusive Planning Goes Far Enough

  1. In June there was a federal court consent order against the city mandating 6 billion in spending for repairs of all “NYCHA in sub-standard conditions”.
    NYCHA residents and their advocacy groups dould be organizing their iwn government watchdog groups to assure inforcement of the order is for thise repairs they need in Gowanus.
    There is no need to tie NYCHA needs for repairs to any kind of rezoning, especially given the new consent order.

  2. Lander: “That’s not terrible. But its not achieving the goals the community has.”

    Since when has inviting comminity folks to planning meetings that limit their roll to putting dots on pre-determined catagories and directives been suffecient to determine “goals the community has”?
    If the community folks had been allowed to define the ideas and goals on those dot-boards, they would have read very different from what was guided and given by the city.

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