9 thoughts on “CityViews: Bronx Animal Lovers Must Fight for Their Borough’s Proposed Shelter

  1. Heartwarming news! Now might other shelters be upgraded? Several years ago we adopted a dog from the Brooklyn Animal Care and Control shelter. The dog was 9 years old…and seriously ill with kennel cough which we did not know about until we got him home and had to make a middle of the night trip to our animal ER. He survived and was the most marvelous pet one could imagine. He continued to have multiple medical issues but was a trooper and lived to be 13. We feel the staff did the best they could with the animals in that shelter but it was/is way overcrowded.

  2. My comments are simply this.Homeless animals exist for one simple reason and that’s irresponsible pet owners.Some of the properties mentioned were set up as future use for stores and what I’m guessing is that what the residents of the Bronx don’t want is added traffic congestion.I’m a veteran and I get the homeless veteran situation but what really aggravates me is our governments lack of respect and help for our veterans,especially homeless vets.I would urge the residents of the Bronx to allow the animal shelter to help not only their homeless animal situation but the surrounding areas.

    • The existing Petland Discount in Bay Plaza (at the planned back entrance “Low Cost Veterinary section” of the An. Shelter) has had years of successful mobile adoptions in coordination with ACC. The new image of a large attractive well run, state of the art, attractive, “Boroughbred” animal shelter is a great idea. This shelter will be a destination, almost like a small zoo or aquarium, where people can observe and interact with animals for adoption. Kind of like a large diverse “Pet Store”. That’s one reason why this site is so special for this 60 million dollar investment for the Bronx.

  3. Well done Roxanne. One of the absurd complaints about the shelter was that it would generate too much traffic. First of all I doubt it would. It is an animal shelter, not Jacobi Hospital. Secondly, the people complaining about traffic are seniors that don’t even drive. Community Boards have an age problem, a youth movement is necessary. Or community boards should be dismantled altogether. Keep in mind, the city doesn’t have subway access to LGA because of the NIMBYs that infect community boards.

      • There are at least 5 empty stores in Bay Plaza that will be adding Traffic as they fill up, there is a Hotel planned on the same side of the same street, how do they compare to an animal shelter?

  4. We have a Lobbyist explaining his client is planning a homeless veterans housing at the 2050 Bartow site. YET we did not hear anything about this, and the few cb10 members i have spoken with have not either. It seems they are manipulating the ULURP to be against the shelter and for a Youth Center that will never happen. A “Community Use” will be included in the supportive housing instead. LOL !! what a joke our leadership is.

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