5 thoughts on “Can the Auto-Repair Sector Survive the Jerome Ave. Rezoning?

  1. Look at the picture: cars parked on the sidewalk. Streaks in the street/ sidewalk probably from chemicals… street space taken over by the shops – cars under repair or, in the case of the flat-fix shop, lifts. Do any of the auto-body shops have proper spray booths? Granted, car repair can be a gateway career for new-comers. However, it is a regulated industry, for a reason. Buy them out, do eminent domain, or they can remain, grandfathered. Take a look at places where existing zoning allows concentrations of these truly hazardous sites adjacent to residential zones, usually in environmental justice neighborhoods, with little or no existing enforcement of any regulations. I am staggered by the idea that these businesses need support, frankly. How do they make money all concentrated in one place? I know in our area part of it is so-called chop-shops. Another is the use of the public space (our air, our streets) to support these businesses.

  2. Always hate walking there to the 4 train. On the otherhand I do not support the beblasio real estate industry displacement zoning either.
    As for relocation etc, ask the fruit and vegetable vendors that used to be by the Bronx Terminal Market before Dan Doctoroff took it over for a mall and privatized tennis courts for the upper east siders to drive to.

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