4 thoughts on “How Bill de Blasio Bought NYCHA

  1. Public Housing is the biggest waste of money in NY. Nobody talks about main problem: tenants should be responsible for their apartments, treat them like their own property. Unless tenant responsible there will be vandalized apartments, urination in elevators, etc. Public housing should be a temporary residence like it was created long time ago. Normal people cannot raise children in this dangerous environment. No matter who will be Mayor, NYCHA CEO or President of USA. Impossible. I am telling this as a NYCHA employee. All this beautiful slogans about Next Generation is a shame. Working families should move from this environment as quickly as they can and raise children in safe, private neighborhoods, not dangerous projects.

    • Tenants are an issue when it comes to Hallways, Elevators, Sidewalks etc…
      But as far as the inside of the apartments, they definitely need upgrades. My mom grew up in Breukelen Houses, and she said ‘these are the exact same kitchen cabinets and windows here when I grew up’. The stoves barely work. Windows are decades old. etc..

  2. Thanks Jarrett for yet another important story. But when you write, ” City spending on privately owned affordable housing leverages federal financing and private investment that gives it a lot of bang for its buck. ..”, I wonder: what do you mean exactly?

    From what I can tell about “affordable housing” financing, most of the “bang” is delivered to the pockets of developers, and only a very few of those New Yorkers most in need of help with housing actually benefit from these programs.

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