3 thoughts on “East New Yorkers Set Forth Visions for Transit Hub Redevelopment

  1. Exactly what is wrong with our cities and other expensive cities. When housing is treated as a pariah use, you get less of it. When you get less housing, you get higher rents. In places where it is easy to build housing (i.e. middle America) you get lower rents. Why can’t the authors of this blog understand this, instead of parroting Not In My Back Yard rhetoric?

  2. As a long-time resident of the Junction neighborhood, as it is has come to be called, I am surprised at the news of so much occurring without the residents having notice of it. A better effort needs to be made to include the community residents in the notification process, not just the organized stakeholders. As a member of the 1400 Herkimer Block Association, we have an interest in what goes into this plan as it greatly affects us as homeowners and renters.

  3. Big Box stores and large supermarkets like Stop-N-Shop provide a larger selection of items at lower prices than small stores. That’s just the truth of it.

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