One thought on “CityViews: It’s Time for New Yorkers to Take a Stand for Age Justice

  1. My name is LaVerne Freeman Martins and I live in Boston, MA and I am and have been a victim of age discrimination more than once on a job. For 20 years I owned an employment agency and I know a ton of people old an not so old. I am lucky that I don’t look my age, I don’t act my age and I have stayed on top of the industry and unemployment in MA is 3.4 so I am needed as a recruiter in the Healthcare industry. But the problem is I like to do contract work. I sold my business 2o years ago and traveled but all of my friends were still working and I was divorced so I went back to work. When I work for women in the age group of 42 to 48 they immediately think that I want their job and thus the harassment begins. You would not believe the things they try to do to me.i have been to the EEOC twice and won Twice. I didcnot know that people could be so mean.

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