5 thoughts on “Cuomo, Now an Advocate for Saving NYCHA, Oversaw Public-Housing Demolition as HUD Chief

    • Would it shock you to learn, Homeowner, that the biggest chunk of NYCHA’s operating revenue comes from … tenants? They pay 33 percent of the freight. Section 8 funds, from the feds, comprise another 29 percent. Other federal subsidies are about 25 percent. City taxpayers provide about 2.5 percent. To put it in context, the $81 million or so of city money reported by NYCHA in its latest budget is about one-tenth of one percent of the city’s budget. I’m not sure how big a burden that is, given that something like 1 in 14 New Yorkers lives in NYCHA.

    • It’s Should Not Be A Burden On You, But It Most Definitely Is A Very Bad Health Issue For The People Who Live In NYCHA’s Unsanitary Conditions… Simply Some Can Afford Houses And Land And Talk Big.. Where Others Cannot But Are Honestly Trying To Survive.. Get On The Government About Your Taxes..
      Not Angry But #JustSaying The Truth

  1. It seems there is a consistent theme that public housing is untenable. The article does not suggest a solution, only that destruction without replacement of equivalent units is bad. I know NY needs more affordable housing, as I watch my grown children consider the realities of high rents and home prices. That said, if you have something that you cannot maintain it eventually makes sense to start over. Good management knowledgeable with the business might not be a panacea but it is an essential component. NYCHA’s publicized issues, speak volumes. Not a big fan of Cuomo but I don’t think his efforts should be unappreciated.

  2. Saying Strongly That Governor Cuomo Needs To Take A Good Look At Throggs Neck Houses In The Bronx.. Poorly Managed, The 71 Buildings Are Slowly Deteriorating. No Heat, Hot Water, Lead, Mold Mildew Conditions.. Rusty Blue Green Pipes In Kitchens And Bathroom Which Can Cause A Bad Internal virus Infection, With Possible Death.. Plus Most NYCHA Workers Who Do Not Care Need To Be Retrained Or Dismissed Immediately.. But Believe Gov. Cuomo Would Not Go There To Hear, See, Or Help Fix The People’s Complaints And Problems.. Instead, Just Another Housing Development Swept Under The Rug Of No One Cares.. I Really Love How People Talk With No Serious Actions, And They Know The Situations All Along.. Very Sad!

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