4 thoughts on “City Scrambling to Help Puerto Rican Storm Victims Tossed From FEMA Hotels

  1. We are constantly being treated as secon class citizens. We were invaded and given an “american status”. We lost our cotton crops and given miserable wages for our labors. It was prohibited to protest even use our flag or else we were treated as traitors and insubordinate to the USA . Persucated and files by FBI were made.
    But our young men were recluted and in war time were always were the first in combat with negro soldier’s. Many became heroes but still were mistreated.
    Puertoricans have given the blood in wars. Have achieved many profesional brillance in positions like Nasa, Medicine, Government National Security and still as this article exposes haven’t recieved justice.
    People do not know what happens in PR Even President Truimp who trowed papel towels after Huricane Maria showsing disrespect..
    It is time we get justice!

  2. Mayor Deblasio you have YET to do ANYTHING for these families, writing a letter at the 11th hour in regards to FEMA does nothing for these families and the strain is left to orgs who are actually doing the work.
    There needs to be articles written on the folks putting in the work .??

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  4. What’s happening to Puerto Ricans is our own fault, we are the BENDITO people, We are always feeling sorry for everyone else, and now that our PRs need the help from others, we get excuses. No more giving up on everyone else’s needs or wimps. Lets get together and demand as United States born citizens, for what is rightful ours. We are not IMMIGRANTS stop
    mixing us with immigrants because of the color of our skin or because of our spanish language.
    Others come to this country and are automaticlly consider non minority. They are not born here, are not citizens, but because of their skin color, They do not have to apply for any certifications to do business with the government. Puerto Ricans shouldn’t have to either. Stop the fighting amount each other and lets get together and once and for all end this abuse that the US government have with our PR people. A good opportunity will be during the PR Parade to go and march straight to the UN building and show the government that we are fed up. And peacefully protest the inhumane treatment that’s being happening against PRs in this Country, From there we’ll plan a bigger protest to Washington DC.

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