5 thoughts on “Elite High Schools, the MTA, Climate Change are Key Topics as 4 Candidates Vie for East-Side Seat

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  2. Low income people don’t drive into Manhattan. Why is Craig-Williams concerned about this non-existent people. If she’s concerned about low income she would try to improve bus service. Most of the people on them would drive if they had the money, but their poverty forces them to take the slow bus.

  3. Adrian: Are you aware the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs gets subsidized auto loans for poor people here? It’s a myth the poor don’t drive or need to drive to afford living here in NYC. How else can you stop being poor?

    • It would indeed be a myth that “the poor don’t drive,” as in no poor person drives ever. But it is quite true that low-income people are less likely to drive than others. According to the 2016 American Community Survey, people from households with income below 150 percent of the federal poverty level comprised 15.9 percent of workers, 10.1 percent of people who drive to work alone, 15.7 percent of those who carpooled and 17.1 percent of those who take public transportation to work. So they are underrepresented among drivers and overrepresented among transit users.

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