5 thoughts on “Can Downtown Far Rockaway Model Development Without Displacement?

  1. A very interesting article that offers some insight into the plan and scope of thinking . The first phase will be done during CM Richards tenure. My question is in phase II, is it an iron clad agreement and will the new CM be required to adhere to it? The other question is, will the new administration at that time, share the same view of affordable housing using the ELLA formula ? Will HPD also support that viewpoint? If HPD thinking is that market rate is more attractive to their view point, what assurances are provided to minimize displacement? My humble opinion, phase II can become the wild card because there will be the changing of leadership. Absent an iron clad agreement, how can one assume that the vision and intent reflects what will be built in Down Town, Far Rockaway. Lastly, what is the sucession plan to make sure this project does not become a political football game of ideology versus actuality. I recall a wise person saying to me, if you want to ensure you get a project done, keep your hand on the wheel. Just asking a few constituent questions.

  2. In my mind and my experience, being a long time resident of Far Rockaway, having lived in Oceanbay Houses when the RAD. Program and Wavecrest Management took over ownership of this development, it was and still is one problem and lie after another. The residents were sold a dream of better living, while keeping their rent affordable, when in fact it wasn’t for the section 8 program, the rent is far from affordable. Their using cheap materials to renovate the apartments, and passing off refurbished and out of stock appliances as new. Illegal eviction happen on a almost weekly basis. The locks on the apartment doors were changed (without tenants concent) so that management may have access to these apartments at any time. So how is this good for the people, the people chose to make change only cares about making a dollar off of the poor and middle class of Far Rockaway?

  3. Listen , Far Rockaway is prime real estate . Just think , there are people that will pay millions just to live by and have a view of the Ocean. They understand that they must get the crime level down is certain areas like around that new development they just completed by the beach in Arvern , so they know that they have to remove undesirable elements ( low income folks ) as they call them from the housing project that is just across the tracks from it. Hell , just look at Brooklyn , Areas where people would do drive byes , now have outdoor coffee shops and smoothie shops, in a way its all good , but it displaces low and middle income families , which is a bad thing . You’ll here them say its just about improving the neighborhood , YEAH RIGHT ,,,they dont give a damn , bottom line its all about money , and Far Rockaway residents will be saying the same thing , when a studio apartment will end up costing them $3,500.00 – $5,000.00 a month.

    • My eye is on real estate taxes. That will be the next step…increase taxes to. pay for these ‘wonderful’ amenities…increase taxes, increase flood insurance, increase hazard insurance….eventually make Rockaway unaffordable for the people who have lived here for decades.

  4. he is totally against making rockaway a better place he already added two more hotel shelter on b21st I hope he does not add prison why is rockaway only low income with no mix why doesn’t he want a thriving neighborhood of all different income people where are the stores how come you dont believe in a mix of people what about the homeowners what your doing to the village is terrible transit people black and latino want to come to rockaway they say they make to much money some of the people I know have children and bills like to live good spend money Donavan are you against them coalition of the rockaways we still want to work with you but I dont think you want to work with us

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