3 thoughts on “On Inwood Rezoning, Community Board Committee Adopts Many Residents’ Demands

  1. I’m impressed by how much hard work and thinking CB12 members who drafted this resolution put into it. Working on a purely volunteer basis, with no pay, they did a better job than the City’s $900,000 EIS/ULURP consultant. I hope if there are any further changes before the full board votes on Tues March 20, they do not weaken what’s already there, and address more issues of concern to community members, such as climate change and risk of flooding.

  2. It is important to note that this planning exercise is being done in the relative absence of meaningful studies that evaluate all the potential environmental, infrastructure, service, and displacement impacts of the upzoning on Inwood. The Uptown United platform pointed this out and Unified Inwood and others including the community board had requested analyses and studies and were rebuffed by EDC which most often said that they didn’t have to do the studies for one reason or another. Inwood is surrounded by water and Parkland and unlike most other neighborhoods there are only a few ways in and out which can easily be choked by traffic. It is unconscionable that the community board, the Borough president, the City Planning Commission and city council are being required to make these enormous decisions for Inwood without this critical information. The planning is being done seat-of-the-pants at this point. And Inwoodites as well as residents who live up and down the subway lines and bus lines that go through it will have to live with the consequences of these hastily made decisions forever. If a mistake is made and too much density is added, and if transit becomes a total nightmare and underground infrastructure fails, the dozens of new buildings can’t be undone.

    And flooding from the Harlem River is predicted to get significantly worse by the New York City panel on climate change. Much of East Inwood is already in the flood plain and floods are going to become more frequent and with flooding going further inland as time goes on, and yet there is no discussion of flood buffer and lots of discussion of inappropriate development in the floodplain.

    This process needs to slow down and the studies that the Ph.D.s and planners in Unified Inwood that were requested, should be done before this proceeds any further. And planning should err on the side of caution using the precautionary principle.

  3. Real sad we have a small town like feel in northern Manhattan, rest assure this feel be lost. The people who have invested into there housing I’m sure there property value will decrease. This is a multi cultural nieborhood but with strong family values. This will not be a nice for the area but this will surely have people move and I sure out of New York all together.

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