2 thoughts on “Cuomo’s Housing Budget Must Go Farther, Some Advocates Say

  1. The fact of the matter is that nothing is really being done to REALLY assist the homeless, or, the poor! When you have people who would rather freeze sleeping in the streets, than to be in a shelter indicates how dire the conditions are in them. They are filthy, & you run a risk of being assaulted, & whatever meager possessions you may have stolen. I’d rather die in the streets, too! What compounds this desperation, is when you have children, or, pets, who provide many with comfort, & you can’t provide them with a hot meal, clothes, & proper healthcare.
    I’m starting to lose faith in our elected officials, for not cutting through the “proverbial red-tape”, & just letting people have a safe, clean place where they can, especially the children, lay their heads down & rest, it’s their given right! I’ve heard the mumblings & grumblings of the well-to-do, saying they’re sick & tired of having to foot the bill for the poor, of taking divisive actions, for example: putting up barriers, designating zones where the poor are not allowed to walk, eat, or, visit unless you are of a specific group. Add to this the absurd “Congestion Pricing Plan” being touted by Mr. Cuomo. It’s insane to me, that my husband & I were born & raised in Manhattan, & to drive below 59th Street, we must pay!!! Take the money from the Powerball, Lotto, & all the stupid games, & give it to “45” for his damn wall, or, use it to build decent shelters, & sanctuaries for abused animals, & stop taking people’s money, giving them false hopes while draining the few pennies they have left buying tickets that are never going to amount to anything, that’s where the real crime is!!! When you think like this, please be reminded, that many came from other origins to “the land of opportunity”, that clearly states, “give me your hungry, your poor……………..” We’re not all asking for hand-outs, but, simply to be given the resources/contacts necessary, sans all the red-tape, to provide for our loved ones. Greed is what’s impeding progress. Last, let me just use my beloved Puerto Rico as a glaring example. Four months after the hurricanes, thousands are still without basic necessities!!!!!! They are our American brothers & sisters!! It’s sad & inhumane! God Help Us!

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