12 thoughts on “Jerome Ave Rezoning Approved by City Planning Commission, Sent to Council

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  3. I welcome the upcoming changes to the Jerome Ave corridor. The auto shops need to be helped to relocate to Hunts Point. We need clean open corridor filled with decent retail stores and markets like whole foods in Harlem. It would be nice if the new housing were 2-3 family homes due to the overcrowding in the neighborhood. I live 3 blocks east of the Jerome Ave corridor. The additional population would contribute to the overcrowding in this area. I would like to see the Aqueduct walk way totally redesigned like the Hudson yard downtown. It would be great to see the corridor filled with art and seating to enjoy while walking for exercise in this neighborhood. Please make it happen.

    • Sorry, we do not want anymore vehicle repair shops in Hunts Point. Its overcroweded the pollution and poor environmental emissions continue to be an a health concern issue for many residents and communities that live in this area and nearby. Relocate it somewhere else.

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  6. Glad to see that the Jerome Ave corridor will finally one day resemble a place people actually want to live. Those automotive businesses are a blight and do not serve the local population. They only negatively impact the public health of the community.

  7. @Jeanne
    2-3 unit buildings don’t make sense along a subway line. The city could improve surface transit by dedicating lanes to buses/bikes, and the new ground floor commercial amenities will make the area more walkable. There will be less of a reason to get into a train or automobile because residents will have more options close to home. In time, the 4 train could run more trains per hour to further relieve crowding with upgraded signaling.

    Overall though, the Jerome Ave corridor was a more dense place prior to the deterioration of the mid to late 20th century. We are still only restoring it to what it once was.

  8. Shut it down.
    Stop the hypergentrification of working class neighborhoods throughout NYC.
    It’s time to have a thorough investigation of the NYC EDC.

  9. I agree with there doing but the problem is all these auto repair shops that are renters and not owned are hurting the legit business man who tries to do the right thing!!! The board should look into that. Writing summons to the legit shops and not the illegitimate ones!!!! SMDH Before putting everyone in the same boat they should really look into this!!!!!

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