7 thoughts on “City Will Give Public a Bigger Voice on Clean Water Plans

  1. ‘Advocates also believe that a better system for water rates that takes account of the stormwater that a property produces could reduce concerns about unfairness to low-income renters and homeowners.’

    Charging homeowners for the stormwater that runs off their property? Another excuse to pick homeowners pockets.

    Speaking of NYC’s aging water/sewer system. Can it handle all the new high-rise apartment/condo buildings going up in Brooklyn and Queens?

    • I think the stormwater fees would mainly target large-footprint businesses. The idea would be to tilt the fee system away from hitting homeowners and residential landlords/renters as hard as they now get hit.

      Take a commercial parking lot. They don’t currently pay much for the water/sewer system because there’s little drinking water consumption on site, and that’s what water/sewer fees are based on now. But all that asphalt takes on a lot of rain, sweeps up oil and other fluids from the cars that park there, goes into drains, and either contributes to the CSO problem or, where there are separate sewers, goes straight into the river/creek/bay nearby. That’s what a new fee structure might try to incentivize around.

  2. The city just can’t tax everything forever. In your example would the ‘runoff tax’ vary based on yearly precipitation totals? Commercial property owners will just past those costs on to their tenants/customers which only makes NYC a more expensive place to do business.

    • Or, business owners can take responsible steps to control runoff and pay less. The thing to keep in mind is excessive stormwater runoff has an impact, and in some cases a direct financial cost, now — environmental problems we’ll have to clean up, wear and tear and operating costs at the WWTPs, potential federal fines, and so far. This is not about creating a cost, but rather distributing it differently.

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