3 thoughts on “CityViews: NYC Needs Real Deterrents to Stop Tenant Harassment

  1. Any and all new york city tenants should familiarize themselves with the wonderful work of the Housing Rights Initiative. Since the New York State Department of Housing and Community Renewal (DHCR) – which is supposedly the state regulatory agency for the rent stabilization law – refuses to do its job, HRI is picking up the slack by filing dozens of class-action lawsuits against landlords for illegal rent overcharge and other violations of the rent stabilization code.

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  3. I am a rent stabilized tenant and a senior citizen. Landlords can smell the money to be made if they can remove seniors from their homes sooner rather than later. Everything is against rent-stabilized tenants. From the day you sign your lease, the landlord starts by routinely overcharging your rent by a few dollars. If you are not savvy and have DHCR check your rent history the renter can be overcharged by thousands of dollars during the time that the renter lives in the apartment. Next, landlords fail to keep the building and apartments fit for human habitation by not cleaning and maintaining their property. Just look at the list of the one hundred worst landlords in New York City. My landlord lives in a mansion in Bay Ridge while his tenants live like in hell . Rats, mice, roaches, are all common complaints that go unanswered. When apartments are vacated, complete renovations are done which allows rent to leap towards the ultimate goal of “market rate rents”. Major Capital Improvements and something known as Substantial Improvements can force rents to explode into thousands of dollars a month for apartments that were previously being rented for a weeks salary.

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