7 thoughts on “‘Crazy Green Party Dude’ Wages Grassroots Fight in Brooklyn Council Race

  1. Anyone who buys a luxury condo in Flatbush is making a mistake. It’s still a dump, relatively unsafe compared to nicer Brooklyn neighborhoods. Crazy Brisport may be right about displacement but he can’t stop it.

    • Don’t rip on Flatbush dude. The neighborhoods mentioned in this district 35 aren’t even in Flatbush “Fort Greene, Clinton Hill, Crown Heights, Prospect Heights, and Bed Stuy” are not Flatbush in anyone’s book… And not that it’s perfect but what’s wrong with Flatbush? Your advice to buy elsewhere is your opinion fine but it is not unsafe. Wake up it’s 2017 not 1989.

  2. Since Brisport represents my interests as typical working New Yorker, struggling with sky rocketing rents he’s really the logical choice.

    The Democratic Party as a whole is owned by real estate developers as de Blasio is proof of that. Regardless of the best of intentions, elected Democrats are generally controlled by party leadership (who are owned by real estate). They follow the leadership or are punished.

    It’s not about whether Jabari Brisport can win, it’s about whether YOU WANT TO WIN. I want the city to be affordable so Brisport makes sense.

    I can only hope other voters don’t cast knee jerk votes for Democrats who are destroying this city pro gentrification positions. You get what you vote for. This is why I’m voting Green Party.

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