9 thoughts on “Atlantic Yards Developers Struggle to Find Tenants for Higher-Income Affordable Units

  1. Great, important story! Many New Yorkers have long wondered who these “affordable” “residences” actually are for.

    Thank you for reporting this story, Rachel, and for publishing, CityLimits. The work of DNAInfo journalists will be greatly missed.

  2. Goes to prove that the higher income bands being used as part of the statistics for affordable apartment numbers was always a scam. I and many called these higher income bands of affordable housing market rate housing but are used to build up a phony portfolio for the developer (and the mayor) of including more affordable housing than are actually there.

  3. Lets make it clear to the readers that Ashley Cotton is a former employee of Cuomo, and her supervisor was Joe Percoco. Ashley listens to REBNY. Also, Empire State Development dropped the ball ages ago when it comes to the mismanagement of the Atlantic Yards Project. The ongoing turnover at ESD has caused more headaches for the community, and the confidence level is zero when they assigned an employee with no previous experience handling real estate projects – oh, that’s Marion Phillips.

  4. Affordable? Hah!!!! Those vacant apartments WILL STAY VACANT FOR A VERY, VERY LONG TIME!!! No one in their right mind and capacity sees them as affordable and the price they are offering them is a total rip-off!!! Let them suffer the consequences of trying to market them to people, they will never succeed! And when the housing crisis comes (in which it will AND BIGGER!), they will file for bankruptcy and have to give them up to the original Brooklynites in the neighborhood for cheap. Watch and see.

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