3 thoughts on “Understanding New York’s Public Hospitals Crisis

  1. I work in the Lincoln ED. For lack of gauze I one used a SANITARY NAPKIN (Maxi Pad) to soak up blood from an oozing wound… the lack of supplies was dismissed by the administration saying, we routinely supply the ED with essential supplies. If gauze is not an essential supply in the ED, then either I’m an absolute moron, or someone is deeply misinformed? So I contacted our central supply coordinator, “the allotted gauze for the the week was supplied two days ago.” My response, “it’s not here. I have checked and others who stock our supply room have checked and there are no further supplies in our storage room. Can we please have some large 4×4 gauze?” I was told, “no there is NONE FOR US TO SUPPLY YOU WITH. “

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