5 thoughts on “Debate Fact Check: Is Congestion Pricing Regressive?

  1. I disagree with your analysis. Deblasio is right and adding another tax to working New Yorkers in addition to all the other taxes placed on people living in the outer boroughs is just unfair. It’s just another way to segregate Manhattan. Having people too poor to live in Manhattan pay while the Manhattan elite enjoy, for free, all that Manhattan have to offer. Shameful

  2. For the most part, de Blasio is still skeptical on congestion pricing. He still feels that it’s a regressive tax and I agree with that. I feel that you are probably one of those who most likely lives within what is going to be the congestion pricing zone and probably won’t be paying for it at all. Statistically, congestion pricing is highly opposed. The only ones who support this idea are the ones who hardly ever drive on a regular basis, which you probably are. Since you brought up the MTA and revenue, I say that we audit the MTA first and see where their existing revenues are going before even giving them any new ones. The reason why is because if we don’t, it will most likely end up the same way as the ones they already have do. Then again, finding out where it’s really going and correcting them on it could make congestion pricing feel unnecessary, and I know anti-car fanatics such as yourself won’t like that.

    • I own a car, I live in the northwest Bronx and I drive to church in Manhattan every Sunday and to Queens for band practice roughly once a week, and I occasionally have to drive to Queens, Brooklyn or SI for work. So I will pay this fee quite often if it is imposed.

      I guess you’ll have to come up with something other than my hypocrisy or fanaticism on which to base your arguments. Good luck!

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