9 thoughts on “Which Councilmembers and Candidates in Nabes Targeted for Rezoning Take the Most Real-Estate Donations?

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  2. Methodolocially, they should have coded the donor database by a broader set of categories, and then added them up to measure “Big Real Estate”. They missed the wives and sisters and mothers-in-law as well as big real estate’s lawyers, lobbyists, and the big engineering and construction firms that rely on mega development. It would have been a longer and more time-consuming analysis, but it would have yielded a much richer picture of what is going on.

  3. Why does Margaret Chin NEVER speak to the press?
    Why does she always have paid spokesmen do her dirty work?
    Can’t she lie that well on her own?

  4. Don’t forget “behested ” donations to favorite charities. Also commission appointments. Two more things we deal with here in CA. They will weasel money in any way they can.

  5. You forgot to add Jumaane Williams who has received various donations from developers and real estate agencies since 2014 to now for this election season. One if his donors is The Orbach Group which is responsible for tenant harassment, illegal evictions, mass gentrification, displacements of Black and Brown people and many other things. There are various articles online exposing them. So add Jumaane Williams to the list.

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