10 thoughts on “Term-Limited Council Speaker Faces One More Election: Race for District Leader

  1. This is an important District Representation to the East Harlem community. Although I live outside those particular boundaries of El Barrio, I am anxious to learn more about this race. Thanks for the news coverage City Limits!

  2. You are incorrect. District Leaders and State Committee Members are separate jobs, except in Brooklyn, where they are combined. In some instances, there are people in other boroughs who hold both jobs, but they had to in for them separately.

  3. Mark Viverito is the only one that I would vote for, because she has a brain, and a brave heart. Which is lacking in all others. God bless her soul for all she has fought for.

    • totally false! she has sold out our community to developers, she is not from EH, EH never elected her, she’s never won in EH. MMV is under an illusion that WE like her or want her in our community. Hoping to take out this carpetbagger that has destroyed our community.

    • A brain and heart? She gentrifies like she has only pockets to look after. I can see that she is not even from or for the community and honestly i don’t believe in souls but if i did it would be clear to see she has none..
      She prevented the NYPD from acquiring accountability when the time came up and she sold half of el Barrio and rezoned most of NY to generate easy access to gentrify, she teamed up against the people to promote false hope using her populist strategies that have people like Rafael Ortiz believing she is real.
      She is using Oscar Lopez Rivera’s name to absorb left wing Boricuas to her cause.. the ones who believe her are a real shame.

      This lady has got to go!

  4. Let’s don’t forget that the speaker moved to East Harlem from the West Village to be able to run in an easier district. She proudly reported to be one of the wealthiest members of the city council.
    Her thirst for power and lack of loyalty are obvious. She is just looking to remain relevant to plan her next step to higher power

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  6. I agree with Mr. Ortiz’s assessment of Melissa Mark Viverito. She possesses a high degree of intellectual capacity, compassion and a courageous heart. Because of that, regardless of her flaws as a politician, she is good for the people of New York City.

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