4 thoughts on “Passionate Testimony at East Harlem Rezoning City Planning Commission Hearing

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  3. I strongly feel that this Rezoing will leave many people homeless & will separate families due to the fact affordability will be a main factor my son is living in NC my daughter is in Brooklyn now she needs to be close to her family but the rent is so high she can’t move plus if this Rezoing goes through the people in the community won’t be picked to build it or have first rights to store fronts. Omg there will be so much homelessness word on the steeet the Mayor is opening up 20 new shelters in manhattan all these new building is just warehousing homeless people why not drop the affordability so the people will have a affordable place to live and stay out the tax payers pocket the poor people is getting pushed down to the lowerest point in life due to the fact because they where born into a poor environment basically if they create jobs with decent wages people won’t have to leave the community and will be able to afford these high-rise apartments

  4. Another consequence of rezoning is the further dilution of political power for long time residents. Eventually, the cultural make-up of the community will be lost thus, recolonization will destroy a legacy of diversity that could have been ….
    As a 30 year veteran of HPD, I HAVE AN INSIDER’S view of the political spin in convincing the innocent to drink the Kool-aid ….. I am ashamed of how the knowing are leading the lambs to slaughter …. shame on Gayle Brewer, Melissa Mark and the minions who stand to reap a windfall through their various “community programs#.

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