2 thoughts on “NYC’s Planning Commission: Rubber Stamps or Checks and Balances?

  1. After reading the report on NYC’s Planning Commission: Rubber Stamps or Checks and Balances? I’m in favor of improving the quality of life in low-come neighborhoods but not at the expense of gentrification and displacement. The words re-zoning and affordable housing is misleading to the residents that will be impacted by this plan to re-zone Jerome Ave., in the East and West part of the Bronx. This plan is looking to build affordable housing, the question is, affordable for who; those making $100,oo0 or more a year or, the present residents who income is less than $25,000 a year. It is my belief that private developers should not be involved in rebuilding communities. I suggest or recommend that Community-Based Developers should be involved in the process of re-building low- come communities. It’s imperative that the Mayor’s office need re-consider whether the Tax-Abatement given to private developers during the 1980’s and who actually benefitted from this luxury endowment. I hope all parties are able to decide what’s fair and equitable for everyone involved. There is an upcoming meeting with the City Planning Commission on November 29th, 10:00am to 2:00pm.

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