3 thoughts on “De Blasio’s Bigger Fight Isn’t Building Housing, but Preserving It

  1. Jarrett,

    Thank you for a very interesting perspective on the Mayor’s Housing Plan. The issues noted have become intergenerational. I think those who advocate for a cost- benefit approach may be missing the point. Our city is faced with an affordability crisis and it costs a lot to buck the economic tides. It would be so much easier to just build market rate housing, but that’s not the point. Is it?

    We need to rely more on our nonprofit organizations in the development of new affordable housing. I have this gnawing feeling that should the bad times return (70’s and 80’s bad) we will need the homegrown nonprofit organizations to bootstrap our lower income communities and assure that the city has an affordable housing program.

    Thanks again for a well done article.

  2. He was trying to get his “preservation” numbers by stealing equity and changing the rules in the middle of the game of thousands of HDFCs and then his developer friends, ie Alicia Glens crew would get financing etc to “repair” them. That was stopped for now, BIG scam and diabolical while he gives away public land and financing to his developer cronies from L and M to BFC to RAL etc etc…

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