7 thoughts on “BREAKING: Brewer Says No With No Conditions to East Harlem Rezoning

  1. Thank you Gale for considering the community’s concerns for preserving the working man’s affordable housing in East Harlem. The Mayor’s proposed upzoning of building heights is disgustingly too high and will rob street pedistrians of vital sunlight. The $41 Billion NYC public financing involved in this Trijan Horse Plan has excerbated the real estate spectulation triggering gentrification in East Harlem today causing the public outcry. Lastly, by allowing the developers to control the rental maintenance & operations expenses y revenue streams without community CBO co sponsorship, the Mayor will effectivly discount the co op apt ownership option the community land trust model has demanded. Thank you Gale for your kind consideration to put the elements of our community concerns back on the table.

  2. The entire plan is nothing more than ethnic cleansing! It’s a plan that’s been in the making for years. Never in the history of New York or America as a whole buildings (all luxury) being built at such a rapid rate. And the evidence of this evil plan is 90% of the building sits empty! But be aware, evil plans at times have a ways off backfiring when least expected.☛

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