4 thoughts on “Local Electeds, Stakeholders Demand City Planning Commission Halt Two Bridges Developments

  1. Chin rejected that Chinatown Working Group plan. And she basically reiterated what Di Blasio
    stated. “Stopping project is economically unfeasible” Chin is attempting to patch up a most serious error. If, this was an oversight, it shows incompetence on the part of her office. Elected officials stand between their constituents and the forces of greed, corruption, and indifference. These elected officials are standing up “now”. It was incumbent on them then to intercede for the general public. Everyone of them is declaring that they have no choice but to accept things as they are. Damn the general public, to hell with the general good. The process must continue to appease a Real Estate machine free of checks and balances. D.N.

  2. City Planning staff listen REBNY and the Mayors office. One would hope they do they right thing, and new boss Marissa Lago needs to go see how this ugly building does not fit in the neighborhood, and the infrustructure when it comes to trains, buses, and other services continue to remain the same. How about we upgrading our local fire dept & NYPD building to help service what will be the towering inferno of the LES due to crappy construction and no oversight by the city. Even worse is James Patchett at EDC and the Mayors alleged Community affairs office do nothing but kiss the asses of REBNY to build build build.

  3. This is the failure of local CM Margaret Chin and the failure of this Build Baby Build administration. Vote Sal Albanese for Mayor and any of the three candidates (who are all solid) challenging Chin!

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