5 thoughts on “CampaignViews: Let’s Talk More About the Mayor’s Cruel Take on Panhandling

  1. I’ll say it again: The only “beggars” I find disconcerting are Mayor Bill de Blasio and all the other 2017 candidates aggressively panhandling the real estate industry. Rather “off-putting” that the media fails to research whose campaign coffers are overflowing with handouts from all the developers and property owners ready to blow up East Harlem and 14 other low-income communities of color. Do the work. Do the math.

  2. We will be judged, as a society, for how we cared for the most vulnerable among us. This is an ugly, regressive move. Progressive my eye. This dude is just another democrat wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  3. De Blasio is the “progressive” mirror image of Trump: big pronouncements little to show for it, disrespects the press, blustery commitments to slow down development only to be found with his hands in developers’ pockets, destruction of public institutions (hospitals, libraries) to build luxury high rises, defensive, know it all, over sized self regard, does not represent the majority of voters, whines too much, low ethical standards, conflict of interests, not transparent, & etc. The idea of De Blasio being a national let alone a global leader is such a joke but if Trump can be elected so too can DeBlasio. If being lazy with no civil or urban vision, no management ability, incessant yammering were a crime De Blasio would get a life sentence.

  4. Many panhandlers are scammers and that’s always been the case going back to the 1970s. The increase in the street homeless and panhandlers is a very bad sign for NYC. You want the squeegee men back harassing motorists and tying up traffic? Quality of Life issues matter except to people like deBlasio.

    • But Native New Yorker, de Blasio is the one who made this comment about panhandlers. So you either agree with the mayor or you don’t. It sounds like you agree!

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