8 thoughts on “Investors Move Quietly in East New York Amid de Blasio’s Housing Construction

  1. Don’t know if it really indicates anything regarding investors but 6.8% of the properties in the ENY area are owned by LLCs according to city records. For all of Brooklyn 7.6% of the properties are owned by LLCs, on S.I. only 2.2% of the properties owned by LLCs.

  2. That just indicates that the larger investors are hiding behind the small LLC’s so their hands aren’t so visible. But if you dig deeper you will see those LLC’s are connected to big time developers, the ones that were sitting at the table during the Rezoning of East New York and called themselves “stake holders”.

    • Not always. LLCs have become more popular in recent years. I know a few small individual property owners and small business owners who have set up LLCs.

  3. So real estate developer Yehuda Zargova has labeled current residents of East New York as “Squatter-types”. What a horrible statement.

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