2 thoughts on “Lawsuit Seeks to Win Organizing Rights for New York’s Farmworkers

  1. Farm work is different than standard union manufacturing jobs in cities. When crops need to be planted or harvested, you can’t take a few days off, it has to be done when mother nature allows the work to be completed.

    Immigrants and people who come to our country to work on farms know the deal and conditions, they are not hidden. It is hard work but it is honest work and farmers treat their employees fairly. If what is said above is true, it is the exception, not the rule. Many jobs require you to purchase your work clothes and uniforms, this is not unusual. Buying gloves is no big deal.

    This whole topic is another union created scenario to get votes and make business owners look bad. Creating a farm worker’s right law will only further erode and hinder our country farms and industries. If you want to kill farming in NY State, enact this type of law. But it is not needed. Continue with the law as it exists in NY State

    • What is not being acknowledged is that at the end of the day, the wages earned by the farm workers are diminished to such an extent that they end up owing the farm owner money. Because they work “24-7” they buy food and other consumables from the owners at highly inflated prices, pay for their living space – bunk beds that often provide fewer than six inches between their head and the ceiling; no heat in winter and stifling heat in the summer and a frequently contaminated water supply. This is exploitation and is more than a labor issue , it is a violation of human civil rights.

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