5 thoughts on “Queens Advocates See Triple Threat: LIC Rezoning, BQX Streetcar, Sunnyside Yards Plan

  1. Van Bramer clearly had no interest in solving the affordable housing complex:

    – last year he bowed to Sunnyside NIMBYs vetoed an all affordable complex by the Yards because it would remove coop owners parking and views (!)
    – he’s pro BQX, which will be useless to poorer residents who can’t afford a transfer
    – in the midst of a grave housing crisis, he prefers to build a park on the sunnyside yards instead of housing??

    Clearly he does not care about affordability

  2. The needs of the current population will not be served by implementation of these projects. Without prior “Infrastructure Redevelopment” what is the purpose of these projects? To add additional population density is insanity. The area is a total “Traffic Jam” to begin with. The Subways are overused, the Bus Lines are overcrowded, Commercial Vehicles which deliver all of the public’s necessities are strangled by “Single Occupant” private vehicles or “For Hire” vehicles like Taxis and Uber Cars.
    Until the City can address those issues effectively, any project that will undermine the already overstressed Transportation Infrastructure, will just be an exercise in futility.

  3. This may be the last chance to reroute the 7 train down the south side of Sunnyside between Vernon-Jackson and 33/Rawson. Replaces 1.5 mi elevated with less than a mile of open cut, brings service to LaGuardia College & the IDCNY site, eliminates the slow curve through LIC, facilitates IND service capacity (Steinway tunnel can candle it) and eventual connection with L trains at Gansevoort/Chelsea Piers. Heck, it can finance it the same way they got the 7 extended to Hudson Yards.

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