6 thoughts on “Report: Rents Rose, But So Did Poverty

      • Hello! The more rent you pay the less money in your pocket. Utilities n cable are outta control too. You work nowadays to live. People have to bunch up in apartments to pay that dam rent.

    • The PERCENTAGE of the population in poverty should not increase just because the population has grown. Poverty is expanding exponentially because incomes in the bottom two-thirds of our society have remained essentially flat over the past 30 years (adjusted for inflation)—while the household costs that are considered “normal” living expenses have almost tripled during the same period. Unfortunately, the “official” poverty benchmark maintained by the federal government has not been effectively adjusted in more than 50 years. Therefore, many families who were actually descending slowly into poverty over the past two generations, didn’t realize they had a problem; and many continue to believe they’re not affected. Often, they only realize what’s happening when they suddenly need Medicaid to cover the costs of an elderly parent’s care. That’s when the realization hits: “Oh yeah, Medicaid is a program designed for the poor. Why do WE need it to take care of Mom?” Today, we can project that 88% of all American adults now alive either already need Medicaid to cover their care, or will need it when, as seniors, their savings no longer cover the cost of their chronic conditions… If Medicaid doesn’t get terminated before they get there! The bottom line is simple: If the work you do throughout your productive life cannot provide for you and your kids, take care of you until you die, and allow you to leave a better foundation for your offspring than you got from your parents, you’re sliding into poverty. You’re getting poor. People, need to wake up: Poverty is eating away into higher and higher brackets of our society at an alarming rate. Poverty is not a “state of mind”—and you cannot pay your housing costs with optimism.

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