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Wyckoff Gardens, one of the developments where new housing is planned to be 50 percent market-rate and 50 percent affordable.

With its release last week of a request for proposals to develop 100 percent affordable housing at four developments, NYCHA brought to 13 the number of parcels where new housing will be built under its Next Generation plan to stabilize authority finances and Mayor de Blasio’s Housing New York plan to create 80,000 new units of affordable housing over a decade. NYCHA, where some development plans have stirred controversy, is under new pressure thanks to the budget plans of President Trump and the Republican Congress.

Here is where the development projects to date are located, with the information available about each by press time:

3 thoughts on “Where is NYCHA Developing New Housing?

  1. Assume construction based on lottery so there is 100% occupancy prior to any work being begun. Assume the initial diversity spread de Blasio wishes to attain. The question remains: duration ? Will such diversity last ? Can economic groups of divergent incomes successfully live with those contrasts in confrontation ? Can 99 cent stores survive next to a Macy’s ? Life’s expectations are not subject to legislation.

    • Of course no way to guarantee the ‘diversity spread’. People move in and move out. I still think that mixing in the poor with the middle class won’t work.

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