13 thoughts on “NYC’s Public Housing was Turning a Corner. Then Came Donald Trump.

  1. Fake News – last paragraph says “… now the federal cuts,” – proposed not actual. This makes readers believe that this is a done deal. All of the past 4 Presidents, at least if not more, had their budgets “Dead on Arrival” Congress has the constitutional authority to make the budget. The President’s budget is really only a suggestion.

  2. It is a crucial period for NYCHA. We need to continue our unified effort in making our pressure on all systems understand that money is needed. Infill will always be resisted unless Nycha residents pay same rent at new Infill while banning the box and dropping credit rating requirements. 30% of all new developments must be earmarked for Nycha residents.

    • Who is he to budget anything that has to do with our lifestyle? He can’t even budget his own lifestyle Pay America Their Taxes How And Why is the G.O.P letting someone in dept help put us in further dept?

  3. I have to agree with the comment by Alexander Ott…

    To write this article as if the only viable option either was or is RAD is exactly the type of journalism that misleads people about the hard work that women and men that work on the front lines are doing every day.

    Secondly, the proposed budget is not a factual ruin but a hypothetical one that discloses the Executive Branch leaders’ intentions. This does not take into account the intellect or intentions of the people that live in these once beautiful…and to be again beautiful places.

    Many people write on what they think are the way people here live and get by, get along, or get hurt that would never dare set foot on these grounds because of the same types of pre-loaded judgmental rhetoric that ultimately implies that the folks that live here are 1- powerless and 2- not helping themselves.

    Public Housing the way it was raised and continues to raise unheralded and unheard of heroes every day that deserve better from the governments that abandoned them or sold them out to private interests.

    • A good exchange of information requires accurate reporting, but also fair reading.

      Contrary to the claim in the comment above, nowhere in this article does the author suggest that RAD is the only option.

      And the reference to ‘federal cuts’ was within a quote from a very knowledgeable source who understands that while the final budget is not done (as acknowledged explicitly earlier in the article), the cuts reflect a considerably more difficult political landscape for public housing.

      This publication is well aware of the hard work, beauty and intellect of NYCHA residents, which is why we have covered public housing for four decades. But to wax eloquent about that and pretend that NYCHA is not under significantly more pressure thanks to the Trump presidency would be a betrayal of those very people.

      So, no, not fake news … “fake views” maybe!

  4. Our mayor is putting federal funding in jeopardy by not following the laws. Nycha has had a budget problem for years, it’s just now there’s someone other than themselves to blame.

  5. The NYCHA rent hikes have been going on for the past 4 years, so don’t blame Trump blame HUD and NYCHA. We got hit with 3 consecutive $160 rent hikes, they don’t honor any max rent like they used to now the increase says, “fair market value”.

  6. At the end of the day, the over 20 year neglect on the parts of federal, state, and city governments in regards to funding along with mismanagement on the part of NYCHA which was received is at the root of the problem. This treatment was disseminated because of the population which is low income and low income people of color, PERIOD!!! making it discrimination based on class, race, and ethnicity.

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