9 thoughts on “CityViews: Crackdown Against AirBnB Hurts Families of Color

  1. I am a senior citizen home owner & taxes keep rising every year. It is difficult to stay afloat & in my home. All my life I have worked, paid taxes, worked to help nenerous communities to make NY a better place. Having worked in a non for profit my income isn’t big. I have a right to decide who can stay with me in my home to help me stay in my until the lords comes calling!

  2. Your editorial is deceptive and misleading. A single family home owner can rent to guests, with proper registration with consumer affairs and safety code precautions–fire extinguishers, etc. these homeowners become a legal bed and breakfast. The BIG issue are people in rent stabilized apartments that belong legally to a landlord, not to them. Such tenants are not allowed by law to profit from the apartment or have transiently paying guests. This is disruptive to the lives of others and poses a security risk.
    Renters are allowed to find “roommates on air bnb, defined as guest who stays longer than 30 days, as long as they charge no more than half the rent.

  3. This is truly garbage. Why would you post this misleading and inaccurate piece of propaganda as if it is a legitimate op-ed when you note “Rev. Kirsten Foy is the northeast regional director of the National Action Network. NAN receives financial support from AirBnB?”
    “The National Action Network is one of the many organizations that Airbnb is proud to work with in New York and across the country.”= Yes, NAN is not the only organization that Airbnb is paying to help improve its image.

  4. Varya, that is precisely the problem that is being discussed here: AirBnB is not necessarily for finding roommates, but for making accommodations for vacations from your home. Which is unfair to home owners whom have the right to use their homes as they please, for business and personal home usage, and these imposed regulations are only helping Big business squeeze out the little guy.
    Although, I agree with some of your definitions of misuse and non-applicable persons breaking the law, being renters or living in rent controlled homes, the problem is stated clearly in the article and is not misleading.
    Every home is safety inspected before someone moves in so there are not many regulations to worry about in using a home as a business accommodation. Unless you want to concentrate on the added fire safety regulations of fire extinguishers be available, there should not be such problems for anyone to be able to create accommodations for profit or as services from their own homes.

  5. If never seems to amaze me how Black African Americans and our Holocaust is used in light to buy into other ppls visions. Slavery and air B&B has nothing in common. It’s an insult
    If this is to help everyone why not let every property owner do air B&B. Please stop sleeping with the enemy

  6. Perhaps the author should read all the reports on the effect Airbnb is having on communities of color. The truth is that gentrification speeds in at risk neighborhoods once Airbnb shows up.

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