3 thoughts on “Next 100 Days: How Park Service Cuts Will Hurt NYC’s Most Neglected Beach

  1. I’ve lived in The Rockaway my entire life…..Gateways Riis Park area has been neglected since it became a federal park. When the city owned it it was pristine, had manicured lawns. Clean walkways, and a beautiful boardwalk with concessions . Now the once manicured grass is 6-8 ft high weeds that are filled with garbage. The trees are dead. It’s a disgrace ! And no one cares. I’ve called gateway to see why it looks this way and they laugh .

    • Why? Because your Congressional reps don’t work harder to assure the needed money is in the budget. Since Gateway was created the National Park Service operations money and staffing has been on a downward spiral. As maintenance and mid-level jobs are cut, the National Park Service tries to fix the daily maintenance vacuum with construction contracts, and obviously yard and cleanup work won’t compete for funds with fixing the roof or stairs on a historic building. If park staff really did laugh, it was probably laugh or cry.

  2. Also doesn’t help that Rockaway residents don’t pick up after themselves. The park service doesn’t create the trash, it is from the locals. And don’t even blame the visitors that is a two to three month problem, that place is a mess all winter long.

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