One thought on “VIDEO: Vicki Been, Moses Gates and Tom Angotti Debate De Blasio’s Rezonings

  1. The real problem that Vicky Been and the city will NOT address is how the city is run by REBNY, and REBNY does nothing about horrible property managers since NYC has no criteria on how to become one. So, you can be on the worst landlord list for decades and nothing is done. Even worse is HPD has no idea how they decide on their property manager. When buildings are continued to be mismanaged who is to blame? HPD’s enforcement is horrible, buildings dept does nothing, and housing issues continue for those who live in buildings where there is no advocacy by elected officials. Right now nobody is tracking scaffolding to year of building to developer and why there is so much scaffolding around fairly new buildings is a big mystery. But, HPD refuses to address why a majority of their buildings have construction issues. What are the best practices?

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