One thought on “Official Review Begins of De Blasio’s 3rd Neighborhood Rezoning: East Harlem

  1. The community never invited this displacement plan of East Harlem’s poor. In fact, the CB11 voted against this plan unanimously (with 2 abstentions) in November, 2015. The other news outlets must check their details of inaccuracies- The East Harlem Neighborhood Plan called for more limited bldg heights (18 stories) and is only advisory, while Mayor DeBlasio and DCP is forwarding the one and only rezoning plan before the table to increase building heights 3 times more than current (up to 35 stories). The one and only proposal before ULURP is an approximately $48 Billion publicly financed vehicle to displace East Harlem’s lower income residents since this MIH Proposal discounts households earning less than $32,000. It is neither “inclusionary”, nor “affordable”. This NYC public money can be better spent preserving the current affordable housing against the gentrification in some areas this Real Estate development plan will exacerbate. This East Harlem Rezoning strategy of misinformation against the vulnerable by some of our local news services suggests this plan is “rigged”. Thank you for reporting how vulnerable all our communities are with your continued attention to the shortcomings of this City Hall proposal.

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