3 thoughts on “No Backspace: NY’s Rules for Policing Political Activity Still Need Tightening

  1. Good article, I too was skeptical of the whole thing as was everyone I spoke too.
    Do these same Handschu lawyers stay in this position forever? That seems unacceptable,even if their judgement and collegiality if not cozy relationship with the NYPD were not apparent.

  2. I am surprised at how little the NYPD has to do before they can use undercovers and informants. Professional snitches will always find something “criminal” even when it doesn’t exist. So an allegation about either a real or invented crime by a group is enough because the new settlement agreement makes clear it must not be verified. Crazy.

    After the NYPD did all this crawling in mosques. Why are they being trusted with so much power!?

    What are these people thinking?

  3. A great thought provoking article! Such a blatant misuse of power all woven and intermingled to benefit THEM & THEIR cause and not that of the people.

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