One thought on “ZoneIn Audio: Your Voice on the De Blasio Rezonings

  1. The coalition of the rockaways wants the businesses and development of farrockaway without the baggage we want ediment domain to be taken off the table we need infurstructure we will need a school. We need better train and bus service.we need a hospital we need our neighborhood to get sandy money to help the people that are already here to fix our bulkheads not just the money going to thewest but the east also we need our politicians and board members to be from our neighbor to represent the people not themselves we dont need hotel shelters and everything else dumped on us because most board and committee people are not from our neighborhood we need more police we want to thank 101 present for the fine work they do especially officer Fleming. The coalition of the rockaways also want to thank all the maintance staff of all the sites and developments for keeping them nice the coalition of the rockaways want to thank all the rockaways youth for helping the neighborhood you are our future we want to thank all sanitation firefighters nursing all hospital and Healthcare workers we want to thanks Ralph’s reaturant on mott have mott pharmacy thrifty pharmacy food supermarkets and all businesses of farrockawaycoalition wants more money to fix up city housing not cut and push vouchers remember of the rockaways want developed with the protection of the neighborhood we dont need the mott have busstop to become a shelter our chairman Bruce Jacobs coalition of the rockaways used to live on the westside of neighbor I dont do this for money i dothis for my neighborhood

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