7 thoughts on “NYCHA Blocks Lawyer for Tenant Advisers on Development Project

  1. I live in this development and was on the committee,these ladies and men have work very hard to get this done. This group has been blocked in every way. I feel that NYCHA just wants it to look like they are work with the community,but does not want in put from them. First they wanted outside community in put than they didn’t, next they want community based organization now they done. NYCHA WORK WITH THIS GROUP PLEASE.

    • I have been the Chairman of the Wyckoff Gardens stakeholder since the beginning and we have work hard to be a part of this process. We gave our support to NYCHA throughout this
      ordeal and know here is a new stumbling block. What else do we have to do. To correct the article I am college education and we are the handpicked Wyckoff Gardens Stakeholder Committee. NYCHA has cut off all contact with the committee. So what are they going to continue to seek people who just agree with there concerns?

  2. Mayor Bill DeBlasio failed housing plan it taking from the poor and giving to the rich, the one term mayor has taken political tips from robin hood and the thieves

  3. NYCHA keeps trying to get away with murder Beverly is smart and savvy. I am surprised that the Fifth Avenue Commitee is not doing more to help these tenants. They, like the mayor, talk the good talk, but when push comes to shove, they do what they want. Is it because their head is a de Blasio loyalist, hides City Planning appointee? Ask Beverly.

    George at the RedHookStar-Revue.

  4. The city is under no obligation to sell this land that was set aside by the Federal Government for exclusive how sing of low income families. NYCHA Authority was created with the responsibility to manage these properties for low income families exclusively. To cater to any other income class on this land is a breach of both Federal law and NYCHA’s Authority. It is also a breach of the Public trust. This is the same concept used againot the Native American indians, and other minority groups. The government takes the land claiming it is for our benefit. Then we lose the rights to the land and it’s use. It is the City and it’s corrupt NYCHA Administration that then squanders and plunders any monitary value to feed their own existence at the expense of the poor. When the government is corrupt, where can the poor turn for justice? We must resist!


  5. Although I realize the need to balance NYCHA’S economic ability to manage one of the, if not the largest, Public Housing Community in the Country, I don’t think that putting NYCHA properties in harms way of the ravenous gentrification occuring throughtout the city, is the answer! Admittedly, I don’t know how the economic balance between low rents and subsidies and upward spiraling cost of property maintenance/management can be achieved by NYCHA and ultimately HUD ((whose funding resources have to provide/compensate for the disparity between rental income and management expenses “Nationally”!!)), However I believe that it is crucial to have meaningful Resident involvement and input, in a transparent process, along with whatever legal and technical advice they (Residents) deem necessary to facilitate their accurate comprehension of all the aspects of any proposed solution!!
    If an effective, progressive partnership is to exist I think that the onus is on the NYCHA to initiate such a partnership, in that they overwhelmingly have the professional expertise in their arsenal!!
    The Relationship between the Residents and the NYCHA can not produce meaningful change and cooperation if it is and remains adversarial, may ultimately result in a dictatorship with Residents being the subjects!!!

  6. Keeping it real here – the city, under any Administration, will have to deal with the broader facts and challenges- to serve the needs of a growing economy, including the needs of people who are looking to get plugged into that economy with better transportation, safer and healthier homes so that folks in Section 8 have a chance to break the cycle of poverty and so that buildings, which contributing to climate change because of the poor energy efficiencies that many buildings have – it is simply a mountain of things that NEED to be dealt with, and it is better to understand this before rejecting help, even though it comes with needed money from people who don’t really care. They want to develop and tenants cannot be left behind. So, the bottom line means that tenant reps should not be trying to blow up any effort to help, but rather trying to ensure that the homes they can legally stay in are safe, healthy and close to universal access transportation- so that the disabled and truely needy can live in community grounds that will have playgrounds, access to conveniences that enable self reliance.

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