3 thoughts on “De Blasio Homeless Plan Aims to Replace Hotels and Cluster Sites with New Shelters

  1. There’s lots of empty buildings and vacant lots in DeBlasio’s Sunset Park neighborhood which would be most suitable to house at least 5,000 of the city’s homeless. With good public transportation plus within walking distance of Industry City, many could find jobs quickly, get back on the feet and go for the next step in regaining their independence. There’s plenty of empty space in Sunset Park that the city can build subsidized affordable housing, not housing projects. for those who were in shelters but became employable. The progressive DeBlasio then can say that he is not a hypocrite but placing these unfortunate people in the same area of his two brownstones.

  2. A part of the problem is that too many people in the system come from outside of NYC. There are many documented cases where people come to NYC because they know that they will be provided with free housing. It clogs the system and makes what should be a strictly local problem much larger in scope.

  3. Shelters are not a solution to homelessness: housing is. People in shelters are still labelled homeless, and as such are viewed as a transient, contributing to community rejection of shelters. I wonder if the “shelter” response isn’t a warped form of job security for DHS personnel?

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