3 thoughts on “Reaction to City Announcing Right to Counsel in Housing Court

  1. I’m a housing attorney who works for an underfunded free legal services organization in Brooklyn. I am salaried for 35 hours a week, but regularly work 11-12 hours days (lunch always eaten at my desk). I wear many hats: social worker, surrogate mother, and litigator. Rather than putting more of me in court, we need intervention before tenants end up in court. When will DHCR and HPD properly enforce the laws they are tasked to oversee? When will the administration stop displacement by stopping rezonings designed by real estate developers? When will realistic rent subsidies be available to my clients? When will NYCHA’s empty apartments be filled? When will truly affordable housing become available? For many of my clients, I am merely delaying their ultimate arrival in the shelter system. More housing attorneys doesn’t fix the real issue: our client’s can’t afford to live in NYC.

  2. The Dope from Park Slope and these bozos in City Council just gave the go-ahead to 400,000 New Yorkers to stop paying rent. Landlords are screwed!
    How is this fair? We need to kick out all these jokers in November!

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