2 thoughts on “De Blasio Admin. Says Housing Plan Serves the Most Burdened; Some Data Says Different

  1. A larger question is how many (or percentage of) people fall into each of the AMI categories. The allocation of affordable units should be determined based on a balance on severity of “rent burdenness” and the size (or percentage) of the population in the various AMI categories. Based on these data, we can’t tell if the allocation is justified.

  2. I am shocked with this statistic because my landlord has the right to raise his rent to whatever he feels. Last years rent raised by $100 and this years rent raised by $400. The courts says if I am not paying they Grant me a little time to move. If my income streams is $24000- $40000 and my rent is $1300 monthly and is increased by $400. What is left because I pay for light, gas, hot water and heat. There is also cable and cell phone bills. My occupation is a substitute teacher. I need help so I have been looking into HPD options

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