One thought on “Board Moves Toward a Yes—With Misgivings—to de Blasio Administration on Chinatown Rezoning

  1. The study needs to include LES! By just undertaking a rezoning of Chinatown implies narrow thinking. Look what is happening in the East Village (Loisaida Area), the community is now so over crowded that the former character of the neighborhood is being lost. And this is what attracted the people to the area in the first place. An amended zoning plan limiting the density is the only strategy that will sustain what remains of “Our Good Old Lower East Side”. I am disturbed by the LES leadership on CB#3, to surrender to DCP by only approving the rezoning study for Chinatown. What happen to phasing a plan? The areas infrastructure is presently challenged and will only become worse in the future if the rezoning does not include a comprehensive rezoning of the LES area. Until then the community should not chose just one niegborhood over another. Do Not Surrender Protecting The LES. DCP’s recommendation of only undertaking a rezoning of Chinatown is a “divide and ignore strategy/tactic”…The areas leadership should pool its resources and continue to advocate for the comprehensive rezoning.

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