6 thoughts on “Dueling Protests at Meeting on East Harlem Rezoning

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  4. I attended this meeting, and was highly disappointing that there was no consideration for the voices of others who reside within the community to say their peace, or even to hear what was being said by the city planners, whether we bought it or not. this was the opportunity to speak about it and inform them of what changes might actually be ok and which ones we would definitely reject! i hope that the next meeting on DEC 15th, they respect everyone in the community and do not interrupt the meeting in the same manner, but instead wait until its time to have the floor to speak! I work and live in east harlem and have just an equal say as any other group protesting, and I even had other concerns that could not be discussed because of the interruptions.

  5. As an MWBE developer, a New Yorker, and a member of the community, I cannot understate the importance of dialogue between the City, Department of City Planning, and the community. And I also can’t understate the importance of respecting the people who are doing what they can to protect and grow these vibrant, established communities. This must be a measured approach. – Dan Hoeg, The Hoeg Corporation

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