Republicans in the Bronx Admire Trump’s Strength

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Joseph First, a disabled Marine Corps vet, met Donald Trump in 1982 when he applied for a job in New York.


Joseph First, a disabled Marine Corps vet, met Donald Trump in 1982 when he applied for a job in New York.

Residents from around the globe populate the Bronx. But Democrats run New York City’s most northern borough. More than 76 percent of voters in the highly-diverse area were registered as Democrats during this year’s election. As of November 1st, 601,208 Bronx residents were registered with the New York City Board of Elections as Democrat, compared to only 45,494 Republicans. That equates to about six percent of voters registering Republican. Still, Republicans could be found on Tuesday at polling stations throughout the Bronx.

“America is safe with Donald Trump,” Christine Joyce Disney said. “He’s going to strengthen our military. ISIS is around. We have a lot of enemies and we need a strong leader.”

Disney, who grew up in Midtown Manhattan has been living in the Bronx for five years. She worked at polling station PS73 in Highbridge on Election Day.

“He’s got good policies,” Disney said. “He’s on target about everything. I think he is very good all the way down the line. Everything he says is good.”

Joseph First, a disabled Marine Corps vet, is also a Republican. He voted for Trump, who he said he met in 1982 when he applied for a job in New York.

“He hired me on the spot,” said First, who grew up in nearby Flushing, Queens. “I worked for him for a number of years. That’s when he was married to Ivana. They liked me. I had a real nice relationship with them.”

Republicans in the Bronx from Milana Vinn and Kellie Ell on Vimeo.

Regardless of his personal relationship with Trump, First said the Republican candidate treats everyone well. He expressed concern about Hillary Clinton.

“He’s a good man and he helps people,” First said. “I’m scared of Hillary.”

Majid Khan, a Manhattan businessman, lives in the Bronx with his family. He said he voted for Trump because they are both businessmen.

“Anyone who tries to increase our economy, I like that,” he said. “I think that Trump is better for the economy. If we increase the economy, then people have more money and they buy things.”

The historic election might end with the first female president — but Disney isn’t convinced that will happen.

“My policy is, may the best man win,” she said.

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