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Several Fordham University students said they decided not to vote in today’s election. They said they couldn’t choose between either major party candidate.

Ryan McNulty, 21, a senior at Fordham walking his dog on Arthur Avenue, said he had not even registered to vote.

“I just don’t feel strong enough about either candidate, for obvious reasons,” he said.

“Trump is just ridiculous and shouldn’t be president, and Hillary – there’s so much corruption behind her that’s become very transparent now.”

Matthew Brucculeri, 22, also a senior at Fordham, said he isn’t voting because his vote doesn’t matter.

“It probably is a bad thing. They always say everyone should vote. But coming from New York, you know the Democrat always wins,” he said.

After spending the spring 2016 semester in South Africa, he said, he doesn’t know much about the campaigns, but would vote for Clinton if he were voting.

“I would probably go with Hillary over Donald,” he said. “I definitely think Donald’s a character.”

Brittany Debole and Kelly LaMont, two freshmen at Fordham U, say their disinterest in the election stems from the idea that neither candidate is trustworthy.

“I feel like no one wants to vote because they feel that they’re both horrible people,” Debole said.

Debole, 18, said she won’t be voting because she hasn’t registered in New York City. “I wanted to vote for Trump, because Hillary’s a criminal,” she said, giggling alongside Lamont.

LaMont, 19, who is also in favor of Trump, says she may still participate in her first election. “I might go home later and vote,” she said, without much enthusiasm.

But not everyone skipped the polling stations today. Lucy Carney, a Fordham student, said she will be voting today.

“I’m voting for Hillary, because she’s not Donald Trump,” she said. “No one has an original reason not to.”

Carney, 19, acknowledged that her fellow students might feel less obliged to vote because New York is a “blue state,” but she says she wants to help bring the first female president into office.

“Personally, I want to be a part of history. I want to say ‘I voted, so I tried.'”

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