5 thoughts on “Do NYC’s Middle-Class Families Really Need Affordable Housing?

  1. Middle class or poorer, I find it hard to believe that FDR’s New Deal and Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society ever intended to provide luxury housing replete with amenities galore and spectacular views, all just one stop from Grand Central, at a subsidized rate to those making $100k-$200k a year. I’m not knocking either program, it is just that we seemed to have strayed far …very far, from the mandate to help the poor and provide decent shelter.


  2. Gee you have to make $75K to be considered middle class??? I thought I was middle class making in the mid 40’s. I guess not. Housing is so expensive out there. I thank the lord every day for my rent stabilized apartment.

  3. When the Mitchell Lama program came in, a stated purpose for subsidizing middle income people was to keep the most reliable taxpayers on the City tax role and the City civil service workers in the City. I think that should remain one of the goals of subsidized housing. It requires that all subsided housing require that the unit be the legal address so taxes are paid to the City.

  4. I am a teacher in the DOE and a single mother of three. My rent of $2100 in Harlem which is supposedly a “steal” but to me it isn’t. I live in a building with many people who have been here for years and pay a considerable amount less than I do. After rent, I still have to pay utilities and feed three children. Forget about clothing and activities for my children!!!

    In NYC, we must be clear about affordable housing for all income levels. Lower income people are not the only people struggling in NYC. Oftentimes, they also receive other state and federal subsidies such as food stamps, section 8, ACD for child care.

    I don’t qualify for government programs and I don’t want to. Affordable housing would help me provide the other necessities for my family without living pay check to pay check.

    Where are the program for teachers???

    Please let me know.

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